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Thanks to Wolfgang Stief and Constantin Gonzalez, I got hold on one of the proceedings of the Linux Kongress and OpenSolaris Developer Conference. In this book, I found amoung other, also very interesting, articles one about LAX by Thomas Groß.

LAX has some very interesiting concepts, but, unfortunately, it doesn't fit my needs. So I decided to take some of the concepts of LAX and build my own sysadmin-automation-framework.

In lack of a good project name, I named it “ReLAX”.

To get startet, here is a small comparison of the concepts of LAX and ReLAX:

  • The most fascinating idea is the building of an API with shell-scripts. I adopted this from LAX.
  • LAX uses an LDAP server to store the configuration. I decided to allow any server which can be read by curl, wget or cat. This allows http, https, ftp, ftps and file URLs.

That's it for now, stay tuned…

I started documenting the API, so you might want to have a look there..

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