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 === Switch Branch === === Switch Branch ===
   git checkout BRANCH   git checkout BRANCH
 +=== Delete Branch ===
 +  git branch -d BRANCH
 +=== Delete Remote Branch ===
 +  git push origin -d BRANCH
 +=== List unmerges branches ===
 +List branches with commits, which are not in branch REF:
 +  git branch --no-merged REF
 +For example, list unmerged branches, which are not in ''develop'':
 +  git branch --no-merged develop
 +=== List unmerges commits ===
 +List commits in branch BRANCH, which are not in branch REF:
 +  git cherry -v REF BRANCH
 +For example, list commits in a feature branch, which are not in ''develop'':
 +  git cherry -v develop feature/FEATURE
 ===== Subversion ===== ===== Subversion =====
 === Update === === Update ===
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