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Logs into a remote host using ssh. This can be used to open a remote sesssion, but ususally it's used by other methods (especially base-exec-user) to remotely execute a command.


base-ssh-login SERVICE [ COMMAND ]
  • SERVICE: a key of an user or host definition in the repository. From this, the following properties are used:
    • HOST_REF (required if REMOTE_HOST is not set): A key to a host definition in the repository.
    • REMOTE_HOST (optional): If REMOTE_HOST is not defined, HOST_REF must be present.
    • REMOTE_USER (optional): The user execute the command remotely. If not present, same as local user will be taken.
  • COMMAND: a command to be executed. If not present, an interactive shell will be opened by ssh.


Returns the output of the remote command.

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